White Chocolate Mango Cheese Cake

Back to baking with a summer special – Mango!

Made this cheesecake for a potluck with coworkers and guess what?! turned out to be a huge hit in spite of few obvious mistakes.

 The recipe

Ingredients and quantity as in this link http://www.philadelphia.co.uk/Recipes/Philly-Mango-Cheesecake?r=29537

Mistakes I did

1. I baked it at 8 am, left it to cool and it went into refrigerator at 10 am for a 7:00 pm party. Cheesecakes taste better when they sit in refrigerator overnight. This way the crust is set well and the flavors bloom.

2. I didn’t set the crushed crackers perfectly packed before pouring the batter. Very important thing to remember while preparing  crust – if u r using graham crackers crushed mix, press them well in the baking sheet until set. I didn’t press them hard, so during the party, i could still see they weren’t settled perfectly well. See here how to set the crushed crackers . Simpler option is to buy a graham crust if you want the cake set fast.

3. bake the crust just until done. which is 8 mins. do this after u set the crushed crackers well as in the above link. i left it for 10 mins. though it didnt taste weird, i could see the crackers slightly burnt in the edges of the baking sheet

4. I used what i thought as ripe mangoes. They weren’t perfectly ripe and i ended up adding more sugar to reduce the sourness and it did work. People who tasted the cake didn’t find anything different, but I the baker, could feel slight sourness. You could use canned mangoes, though I haven’t tried it. Googling my way through it, I found its a safe bet.

Few tips:

melting white chocolate – If you have melted chocolate before, you know that the ground rule is to use a double-boiler. If you are new to this or u dont have a double-boiler do this. pour a cup of water to a vessel and bring it to boil. take a vessel that would fit into this vessel and add chocolate to it. Now keep the stove in medium-high flame and wait until the chocolate melts. This takes time because we are not heating the chocolate directly, but with the heat from the outer vessel. While waiting for this to be done, prepare the mango puree.

Mango puree – don’t add water while making the puree. We don’t want extra water while baking. If u think  its pulpy, then add few drops of water, just enough to puree it.

Swirling – Once the cheesecake batter is ready, pour it on top of the crust and pour the mango puree as drops. Now to create swirl patter use a butter knife and swirl the drops of puree in a zig-zag fashion like this one

Bake for 30-35 mins at 350F . For me, by 35 mins, the edges were set, but I thought major portion was slightly jiggly. I should have left it at that, because any way its gonna sit in the refrigerator and will set by then. Since i didn’t have a lot of time left for the party, I ended up baking it for 7 more minutes, thinking it will be set better. But the edges were a little burnt. As expected rest of the cake was baked perfectly. I still found it as an eyesore to have the edges slightly burnt and toasty 😦

So lesson again is to bake cheesecake to right amount of time and let it refrigerate overnight. If you over do baking , even for minutes, it turns out not so great!



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