Eclipse IDE and its idiosyncracy


A quick post on Eclipse IDE’s log cat. While running an android code, its common for people to Log messages so that they can see them in the Log Cat. I started Eclipse in my machine and was running the code and was surprised to see the Log cat remained empty.

1. I went to the DDMS view and clicked on my device name shown in the list of devices and ran the app again, Still log cat was showing up empty.

2. Much annoyed, then realized that it got to do something with Eclipse’s behavior. I have two instances of Eclipse, one for my pet projects and another for my work. They point  to different workspaces. I was running the pet project instance of eclipse over the weekend and then started the other one at work today.

So the trick was to

– close all eclipse windows

– disconnect device (if connected)

– go to adb ‘s location in command prompt . It should be in sdk/platform-tools folder

– kill the adb server by the command adb kill-server 

– start the server again by the command adb start-server

– Now open eclipse and you can see log messages flooded in the log cat.


Happy android coding. See ya! :*


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