Jalebi – Indian dessert


A post after a very long time. This time with an Indian dessert!

Deepavali or Diwali, the festival of lights is the biggest festival in India. It is believed that good won evil on this day and people across the country celebrate it with fireworks and sweets. Festive mood starts to set in even a week prior to Diwali. I miss being in India to be a part of the festivities. The best I could do is to prepare some sweets and masticate the childhood memories of this colorful festival. Thus came the idea of making jaelabi – deep-fried flour batter shaped in whirls, and dunked in sugar+rosewater syrup.

Deep-fried sweets are rarity in my home.Especially Jaelabi – since my childhood I have thought this as the most difficult dessert to prepare at home and needs lot of expertise. But decided to prepare this to understand the complexity and to convince myself that  this is not hard to prepare . As I thought, it was not hard at all.

Alright! Recipe time. I followed http://showmethecurry.com/desserts/jalebi.html to T and it came out perfect.


1. Have lots of work space to move around. I used all the 4 stove tops. Had the oil to fry in one. adjacent stove (turned off) had a plate covered with tissue, to remove excess oil from the fried jalebi. The stove behind had the sugar syrup . adjacent to it was a bowl to place the jalebi dunked in sugar syrup. Having things setup like this made it very fast and easy. Didn’t require another person to help me.

2. Please add cardamom as powder (as in the recipe) and not as seeds. I didn’t have the powder and was lazy to make it. Ended up adding the cardamom seeds as is and had quiet some cleanup if the batter was not coming through the ketchup bottle nozzle, because the seeds got struck.

3. You can add rosewater to the sugar syrup. That gives a distinct flavor and I absolutely love it. To the suggested amount of water add 2 tablespoons of rosewater while preparing the syrup.

4. You can substitute the orange color with others, but traditionally jalebis are orange to vermilion shade.

5. Rapid rise yeast is available in most groceries. Strangely, had tough time finding the ketchup bottles. Finally  found them both in Walmart.

6. Can be served warm, though I like it cold. If served warm, this can be served with vanilla ice cream.

This is how mine turned out. The quantity given in the link  made around 30 Jaelbis for me

C ya :*


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